Mum’s Survival Guide & Family Shopping Guide

Launched in July 2011, Mum’s Survival Guide, evolving into the Family Shopping Guide in 2016, provided readers with informative, insightful and engaging editorial features in a vibrant, topical and punchy format. Every issue covered parenting issues, health and beauty matters, money and time saving ideas, tips for the home, smart recipes, holidays and leisure – in fact, anything that could help their hectic lives be a little less crazy.

As we took on more contract work with Tumble Tots in 2018, we retired the title at the end of 2017. We still look back on our six years together with great fondness and are so pleased that at least 95% of all copies of every issue were picked up by readers within the first week of availability, consistently proving the worth of and desire for free, high quality parenting magazines.